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Marie Louise Sorbac was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on March 15, 1959. Her father is French and her mother, Argentinean.
She studied at the Lycée Franco-Argentin Jean Mermoz.

From a family of three generations of collectors and decorators, she has four brothers and sisters.

After graduating from school, she moved to France and was to enroll in the School of Fine-Arts. Because the dates didn’t coincide, she immediately started her professional career. She held positions of responsibility in the world of car racing, the development of luxury brands, leather goods, perfume, and designer furniture. She collaborated with designers, art directors, and entrepreneurs. Whenever she traveled, she observed and printed. Each experience brought her a new and constructive element: shape, color, style, scent. It led her to express her creativity through sculpture.

Soul and matter

Ten years ago, she finally settled in Boulogne-Billancourt, where she now lives and works.

Marie Louise enrolled in the city’s plastic arts workshop. She gave substance to her need to create through various materials: wire netting, metal, wood, plaster.
Today, she shapes solid iron that she twists herself into shapes and quasilinear scenes drawn in space. Her bestiary is made of wire netting, compressed by hand. It gives her animal volume, density, and wholeness.
“What I like is creating figures made of pure and essential lines, as if I was drawing instead of sculpting. Sorbac also works with found objects vine shoots, wood, and metal, which she recycles, welds, and mixes with wood. “I enjoy diverting materials from builders, architects, scrap merchants, and bring them back to life by giving them new form, movement, and energy.

Reaching to her roots, she gives life to a series of bulls, including Pablo, simple and stripped down, pure, and present in bronze editions.

Marie Louise Sorbac’s work is solid, structured, and modern. She exhibits in various Parisian galleries in France, at the Argentinean Embassy, the Landowski space in Boulogne, Unesco, Mad Lords, the National Salon of Fine Arts – Carrousel du Louvre, Salon d’Automne, National Salon of Animal Artists in Bry-sur-Marne, in Brussels, at the Palais Constantin in Saint Petersburg, the Grand Palais in Paris, the Museum of the International Art Centre of Longzhou in China, the Belfry in Bruges, the Animal Art Paris exhibition at the Auteuil racecourse, the Luxembourg Art Fair, the “Salon des Artistes Français”.

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Marie Louise SORBAC
Born mars 1959

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