Chanco is an incredible artist. Throughout his long life, he never ceased to refine his style and explore new artistic horizons. Colour is at the heart of his multifaceted oeuvre. He marked an entire century with his unique hallmark.


Roland Chanco. The Parisian artist

Roland Chanconnier, better known as Chanco, was born in Reignac in Indre et Loire. He died in Roquefort-les-Pins, Alpes-Maritimes, at the age of 103. His artistic career and exceptional longevity are uncommon and very productive. He created more than 2,000 paintings and more than 600 works on paper. They are all listed in the three volumes of his catalog raisonné. Initially drawn to sculpture, he eventually opted for painting.

He settled in Paris in the 1930s and painted downtown Montmartre. The rue de Norvins and the Moulin de la Galette were his favorite places of inspiration.

He mingled with the Butte artists and met Gen-Paul, Utrillo, Heuze, Picasso, and discovered sculpture at Marcel Gimond’s studio.

Roland Chanco is an outstanding colorist who expresses his artistic talent through several styles, from post-cubism to expressionism. In 1947 he left Paris for the South of France.

Roland Chanco. The “Dark Period”

In Antibes, Chanco met Picasso again and began to interact with artistic and intellectual personalities, including Prévert, Cocteau, Eluard, Léger, and Miro. His style evolved gradually towards his “black period,” and he painted dark-colored pastel-like characters, surrounded or evolving on a black or very dark background.

On the one hand, he cultivates a specific non-conformism original. On the other hand, the Provençal landscapes, his many watercolors, gouaches, oil paintings, and pastels suggest a very different person. In 1951, in the ceramist and friend Pierre Lebasque’ studio, Roland Chanco created ceramics with Chagall.

Then he started to experiment with abstract art. In 1960, led by a craving for renewal, he took the unbelievable decision to destroy almost all of his pictorial production since his Montmartre period.

Roland Chanco. The Color Kaleidoscope

After this self-imposed loss, Roland Chanco discovered an original technique referring to the principles of multiple mirrors. He called it his kaleidoscope period.

“It was while looking through a kaleidoscope that the idea came to me to transform clusters of colors into pictorial compositions,” he confided.

His clown-like characters stand out from the surface in thick impasto.
His expressionistic compositions reveal a powerful imagination. His highly constructed still life creations are saturated from an overabundance of elements.

The violent colors underline the grim, always asymmetrical, hiding faces that are devouring the body. Endlessly, Roland Chanco used the same theme, reinventing each time the same subject.

His original and deeply human work is part of the Estades Gallery’s permanent collection since 1995 and on exclusive display at the four locations of the Estades Gallery, in Paris, Lyon, Toulon, and Baden-Baden.

Roland Chanco. His artwork’s price

Roland Chanco. Work estimated value

To determine the price of a painting, watercolor, or gouache, art experts, gallery owners, or auctioneers use a set of criteria and study the latest selling price for similar work.

Well-defined criteria help assess and estimate a work by an artist :

– Work dimension. Indeed, and it seems logical, the larger the work, the more expensive it. It explains why small works such as lithographs are more affordable. So-called “monumental” sculptures can be very expensive.

– Theme. Some artists have a favorite theme that contributes to their artistic identity. They will be more sought after by buyers.

– Medium. For example, oil on canvas is more expensive than print or paper. For sculpture, the price of artwork varies depending on the material, wood, bronze, glass. The cost of raw material has a noticeable impact.
Its scarcity. Is it a work unique in the course of the artist’s career? Is it multiple, or does it belong to a series?

– Condition.

– Signature. Has the artist signed the work?

These are some of the criteria helping define the work’s evaluation and the price at which it is likely to be sold. For example, an oil on canvas by Roland Chanco can sell between €2,000 and €14,000.

Roland Chanco. Authentification

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Born février 1914
Died juillet 2017

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