No nature and animal lover could remain insensitive to Gérard Boudon’s fantasy animal world. A brilliant and self-taught artist, he was, as his work reflects, a profoundly simple and elegant man. Gérard Boudon died on May 6th, 2011, aged 65 years.


Gérard Boudon. The animal lover

Born in Haute Auvergne, Gérard Boudon enjoyed drawing animals at a tender age. The animal world fascinated him as much as the art world. In 1970, his first passion led him to become a veterinarian.
In 1990, in collaboration with Bertrand Fauconnet, veterinarian and animal sculptor also represented by the Estades Gallery, he helped build a clinic in Dole,

In 1982, he devoted himself to his second passion and dedicated himself entirely to drawing and sculpture. With no formal training, he was guided by his love of animals. “For a long time, I hesitated between veterinary and Fine Arts school,” he confided. Gérard Boudon created many animal sculptures, following in the footsteps of François Pompon, a famous sculptor of the late 19th and early 20th century.
His deep and vibrant work conquered the public and left his imprint on contemporary European art.

Gérard Boudon. Technique

Starting from daily observations or collected during numerous trips to Africa, he immersed himself in his subject. He would draw in a notebook, sometimes forgetting, sometimes taking it up again, before starting his work.
He used to complete his first step in clay and then send the model to the foundry.
Gérard used wood, mostly linden known for its esthetic qualities.The foundry would make bronzes and highlight them with luminous patinas.

Gérard Boudon, who mastered his art perfectly, knew as no one else how to capture animals in their natural grace, and purify their forms as best as he could. Seals, rhinoceros, bears, hyenas, wild boars, gorillas, or kingfishers, his creations were frozen in the final stillness of metal but still seemed to be alive. These works and their subtle patinas, exceptionally designed and well built, owe much to geometry.

Gérard Boudon. His work

Clean lines, movement, elegance, his stylized animals are the products of a fragile balance between naturalism and abstraction.
An art in which strength and softness occur at the same time.

At times, the surface of the sculpture is so smooth that it reflects the light like a mirror.

One cannot have enough of the elegance of Gérard Boudon’s animals. Despite their simplicity, they are nonetheless masterfully revealed and endearing. His art expresses with great economy of means, the personality and the character of the animal itself. His work is appreciated and sought after by collectors and connoisseurs.
Gerad Bouton has been part of the Estades Gallery’s permanent collection since the year 2000. It is on display at the four locations of the Estades Gallery, in Paris, Lyon, Toulon, and Baden-Baden.

Gérard Boudon. Its value

How can you explain the value of an artwork by Gérard Boudon?
It mostly depends on the following: the artist’s notoriety in the media and artistic circles, his contribution to art history, his originality, the recognition of his work by art experts, gallery owners, cultural institutions, the sale of his works in major auction houses, the uniqueness of the work, its creation date, the material, and technique.

A bronze sculpture by Gérard Boudon sells between €1,500 and €38,000.

Gérard Boudon. Authentication

To authenticate your work, you can send us a request to estades1@gmail.com.

Gérard Boudon. Estimate

To determine the price of a work Gérard Boudon or any other artist on the art market, art experts or auctioneers use a database and study the latest selling prices for similar works.

They examine a set of precise criteria. Work dimension, theme, medium, materials being used, the uniqueness of the work, and its state are significant factors determining the artwork price.

A bronze sculpture by Gérard Boudon, sells between €1500 and €38 000.

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Born 1946
Died 2011

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