Humility, humanity and kindness: it’s difficult to sum up Marie Astoin’s personality in just a few words. A master of the brush, her whirlwind of colours, resolutely unique style and heartfelt honesty never fail to charm.


For Marie Astoin, art is landscape painting. Marie Astoin is recognized as one of the best French colorists of her time. Originally from Toulon, she had a passion for painting at a very young age.

Her mother, a former student of François Nardi, encouraged sketching and drawing.
Her passion for art led her to enroll in the Fine Arts of Bayonne and decided to dedicate herself entirely to painting. She learned color subtleties with Paul Colin. She also took some classes with Serge Mako in Nice and Paris.

Marie Astoin has a poetic vision of people and nature. With liveliness and precision, she paints moments of our daily life, landscapes, and still lifes. With rigor and sensitivity, she renders in elegant details, moving artworks.

She found her best source of inspiration in Provence, a region she loves.

Meeting with Michel Estades. A decisive moment in the life of Marie Astoin

Marie Astoin never stopped painting, even if it was not her sole occupation until the 1980s.

Since 1990, she has been part of the Estades Gallery’s permanent collection. Her work is featured on the four sites of the Gallery in Paris, Lyon, Toulon, and Baden-Baden.

Michel Estades exhibited her work throughout the country.
Major French and foreign collectors acquired her paintings captivated by their exceptional luminosity.

She likes to paint landscapes in which color dances, and sings the world of Provence. Her authentic and warm vision delights the public.

In September 2018, the Estades Gallery, in partnership with the Cultural Office and the City of Solliès-Pont, her native home, organized an exhibition in her honor that enchanted many admirers.

Marie Astoin work celebrates Provence

Marie Astoin’s bright and luminous hues are never loud or threatening. They invite instant calm and cheerfulness. Viewers are captivated by the stability of her line and the rigor of the drawing. Explosions of color follow one another with regularity and give the canvas depth and unity.

It is the fruit of an experience acquired under Paul Colin, the author of the famous poster of “La Revue Nègre” in 1925, with whom she collaborated for three years.
The heiress to an expressionist technique close to Macke, but softer, Marie Astoin has been able to develop a unique, musical, and uncommonly modern style.

As if by magic, the Provençal pastels landscapes coated with deep ochres, radiate the Mediterranean warmth.

Marie Astoin. Price of her work

Authentication of a work by Marie Astoin

Do you own an artwork signed by Marie Astoin? The signature is the first step in its authentication. Unfortunately, “signed” and “authenticated” do not necessarily add up because a signature can be reproduced.

Many artists, like Marie Astoin, have their signature forged. A certificate of authenticity is required to sell the work on the art market and get the best price. An expert specializing in the artists’ work or a gallery owner needs to sign the certificate of authenticity.

Marie Astoin. Buy or sell a work by Marie Astoin

You wish to sell or buy a work of the artist Marie Astoin? Here are some options:

You can purchase an artwork at the best price during a public auction, buy in lots, or series.
However, this process requires a serious commitment on your part.

A private sale between individuals allows for a personal and more confidential transaction with a gallery owner or a professional art expert. They will guide you through the process. Their expertise and tailor-made advice will help you complete this exceptional purchase.

The Estades Gallery brings you the opportunity to acquire major works by Marie Astoin, whether print, drawing, original signed lithograph, oil on canvas. Beyond buying and selling art, the Estades gallery will offer you expert advice and guide you in your art investment, whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a dedicated collector.

Marie Astoin. Estimate of her work

To determine the price of a drawing by Marie Astoin or any other artist on the market, art experts or auctioneers use a database and study the latest selling prices for similar works. They examine a set of precise criteria. Work dimension, theme, medium, material, the uniqueness of the work, and its condition are significant factors determining the artwork’s price.

Marie Astoin. Value of her work

The price of an artwork by Marie Astoin and its evolution is not easy to understand, regardless of the medium: painting, sculpture, drawing, lithography An artist’s work can sometimes reach millions of euros. Art lovers, collectors, regular buyers, or investors are often startled by such price differences. Is it justified?

How do you explain the price of an artwork by Marie Astoin? Mostly, it is based on some criteria: the artist’s notoriety, her impact in art history, boldness, creativity, inventiveness, recognition by her peers, art experts, gallery owners, specialized cultural institutions, reputable auction houses, the uniqueness of the work, the creation date – some periods of an artist’s career are more valuable than others, the medium and technique, etc.

An oil on canvas by Marie Astoin can sell between €3,000 and €14,000.

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Born 1923
Died 2011

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