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A transparent and colorful universe

“Nicolas Morin follows a thread that keeps him in line with a rich ancestral tradition, the art of glassblowing. This tradition developed over time, produces vessels, glasses, bowls, and vases. Nicolas Morin’s work is non-utilitarian, yet he never strays too far from the visible. It is the essence of this craft. The field is vast, the possibilities infinite. He chooses his language in bursts of color and gorgeous graphics enclosed in simple forms.Sculptures inspired by African or Oceanian art caracole in supervised freedom.”
Martine Gayot ” a famous first name ” – Art et Décoration.

“I define myself as a creator of contemporary glass, following traditional practices, says Nicolas Morin. What I like the most in my pursuit is the alchemy of the material, the mixture of glass with sometimes unstable color, silver, or copper sheets in my compositions. It enriches my palette.”
Bruno Auboiron ” le Tourneur de Verre ” – Alpes Loisirs.

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Nicolas MORIN
Born 1959

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