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Pablo Morganti was born in Toulon in 1980. The energy and atmosphere that emanates from the cities and countries he visits inspire him to create spontaneous artworks.

Originally from the Var region, his tormented childhood led Pablo off the beaten track and intensified his emotions.

He paints large canvases as if he needed space and more breathing room.
A country, a city stirs him? He stops, unfurls a new canvas, and paints what he feels, how he sees the world around him. Spain, Italy, Paris, Provence, wherever he puts his bag, he has only one goal: painting without preconceived ideas, in the freest possible manner, and with the sole purpose of having fun.

One can almost define his art as “artistic nomadism”. “I’m stuffing a bag with color and brushes, and I set off on the road.” This freedom-loving artist finds his inspiration by renouncing comfort.

Pablo has an unlimited imagination. His conception of art and his career path set him apart. He likes to explore new horizons, leaving the door open to a spontaneity he explores with all the nuances of his palette.

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Born 1980

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