Along with Gérard Boudon, Sylvie Derely was one of the first sculptors represented by the Galerie Estades. Her long, slender lines are somewhat reminiscent of Giacometti, yet smoother and even more pared down. Alive with movement and emotion, her works are an ode to humanity.


Sylvie Derely career

Sylvie Derely resides in Lille. She began her artistic career in the North of France in 1977.

Self-taught, she later attended the School of Fine Arts in Reims. At the beginning of the 1980s, she divided her time between watercolors and commissions as a textile designer.
Her inclination for wide-open space reminded her of her childhood in the north, and discovering acrylic paint allowed her to develop work on folding screens. The Accor group entrusted her with the decoration of the Novotel rooms for which she produces lithographs. In addition, she created giant frescoes on the facade of influential Parisian houses such as Guerlain, Renault, and Rochas. In the 1990s, she moved to the Lyon area and devoted herself entirely to sculpture. She perfected her style and technique at the Lyon Art Studio.

Sylvie Derely style

Since 2002, she is part of the Gallery Estades permanent collection and is featured in the four locations in Lyon, Paris, Toulon, and Baden-Baden. Sylvie Derely subtle style sculpts figures with slender bodies, and barely sketched faces.

She works in plaster that she fixes in successive layers on a metal frame, thus gradually elaborating shapes she models with her fingers and spatula.
The pieces are then sent and cast in bronze in a foundry. Family, love, friendship, and fellowship are her favorite themes. Sylvie Derely reveals a high sensitivity in her art, very feminine too, never threatening, and always touching. Her travels and companions inspire her and produce works that radiate life.

What Sylvie Derely’s works tell us

Sometimes ethereal, sometimes seated, her figures kiss, hug, or hold each other’s hand.
Their angular dimension stretches them in a fragile verticality, always in perfect balance.
They may be mothers, daughters, children with long arms and infinite legs traveling the world, and celebrating love.

Although the faces are devoid of features and the bodies oversimplified, they nevertheless reveal an authentic presence. Sylvie Derely mixes respect for academic style and compelling emotional instinct in her soft and harmonious curves endowed with intense energy. Sylvie looks at families with tenderness. Couples in a harmony that we imagine perhaps too recent to be broken by the daily setbacks that seem to end the complicity of the first moments. Elegant and graceful, her sculpture expresses high sensitivity and invites her to travel to a dreamlike and loving universe.

Sylvie Derely. Price of her artwork

Sylvie Derely. Estimate of her work

To determine the price of a bronze sculpture by Sylvie Derely or any other artist on the art market, art experts or auctioneers use a database and study the latest selling prices for similar works.

To estimate a work by an artist such as Sylvie Derely, one will use various precise criteria:


Added to each other, they will define the value of the work and the price at which it can be sold. A bronze sculpture Sylvie Derely sells between €2,500 and €35,000.

Sylvie Derely. What makes the price of her work

To understand the value of a work by a contemporary artist like Sylvie Derely, you must consider various criteria such as her medium: painting, sculpture, drawing, lithography

If there are as many artists as there are media in art, the price ranges can also be surprising: in some cases, works by Sylvie Derely can range from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros, sometimes more.

Art lovers, collectors, regular buyers, or investors are then often startled by such price differences. Is it justified?

To assess an artwork, one must use some criteria: the artist notoriety his impact in art history, his boldness, creativity, inventiveness, his recognition by his peers, by art experts, gallery owners, specialized cultural institutions, reputable auction houses, the uniqueness of the work, the creation date (some periods of an artist’s career are more valuable than others, the medium and technique, etc.

How to buy or sell an original work by artist Sylvie Derely?

If you wish to buy or sell a work of art by Sylvie Derely, there are several options.

Auction sales are appreciated because they bring you the opportunity to get artworks at a competitive price. They can also be an opportunity to buy lots and series.
However, this process requires a serious commitment on your part.

If you wish to make more personal transactions, consider private sales between individuals.

Gallery owners and real art experts are here to guide you. Their expertise and tailor-made advice will help you complete this unique purchase.

The Estades Gallery brings you the opportunity to acquire major works by Sylvie Derely, whether prints, drawings, signed lithographs, sculpture, or oils on canvas. Beyond buying and selling art, the gallery offers to advise and guide you in your art investment, whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a dedicated collector.

Beyond buying and selling art, the gallery offers to advise and guide you in investing in art, whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a dedicated collector.

Sylvie Derely. Authentication

Do you own a work signed by Sylvie Derely? The signature is the first step in its authentication. Unfortunately, “signed” and “authenticated” do not necessarily add up because a signature can be reproduced.

Many artists like Sylvie Derely, are victims of forgery. You will need a certificate of authenticity to sell the work on the art market and get the best price. An expert specialized in the artists’ work, an auctioneer, or a gallery owner can sign a certificate of authenticity.

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Born 1950

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